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Solving procurement & supply chain problems, improving business outcomes and unlocking hidden value.

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Solving procurement & supply chain problems,

improving business outcomes

& unlocking hidden value.

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TechConnect:ME is a procurement technology and services advisory firm, we help businesses in the Middle East deliver procurement excellence, solve problems, improve business outcomes & unlock hidden value.

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We can help you identify the technology and services that are proven to increase your efficiency and effectiveness, at a pace that suits your appetite and budget.

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Our network of world-class business partners are experienced in addressing business challenges and helping organisations just like yours make significant savings & productivity gains.

Dan Quinn

About Dan

Dan has >20 years experience in the procurement and technology space, including leadership roles in some of the top-tier technology providers and driving procurement excellence in private sector, public sector and government

Dan has worked across the Middle East for 15+ years and is an MBA with further executive education in Digital Strategy /Transformation (MIT Sloan), FinTech (Harvard), Leadership (Oxford) amongst others.

You can catch Dan on his LinkedIn at:

or his email:

Marshall Mathias

About Marshall

Marshall is a co-founder at TechConnect:ME, he has over 13 years experience in the procurement technology & professional services space, including roles in some of the top-tier procurement technology, research & analytics companies.

Marshall has worked across the Middle East, Asia & Europe and holds degrees in mathematics and economics.

You can catch Marshall on his LinkedIn at:

or his email:

why us?...

TechConnect:ME Brings

A customer-oriented, solution-focused approach to your business and its challenges. Plus ongoing support and local account management to ensure customer success.

An in-depth understanding of procurement and supply chain processes, advanced technology, and a track record of effective solution deployment in the region.

A broad network of technology and professional services partners, well versed in your challenges and a proven track record in solving them and delivering positive ROI fast.

Are you a senior procurement and supply chain leader in the Middle East, seeking innovative solutions to overcome your business obstacles?

Let’s talk - our toolkit of technology and services solutions are proven to solve problems and unlock hidden value, whether you are looking to find savings fast or digitally transform your procurement operations we can help with a solution right for your circumstances, appetite for change and budget.

interested partners...

"By partnering with the team at TechConnect:ME, we can leverage their expertise and knowledge of the GCC to

better serve our customers and deliver value across the procurement and supply chain ecosystem"

- Managing Director

"Having navigated the Middle East business establishment and partnership development challenge myself,

I can't recommend the TechConnect path enough to get a footprint in the region."


"Partnering with TechConnect:ME, means we can take advantage of their experience & insights into the region to

deliver procurement projects of high complexity in an efficient and effective way, whilst supporting our current & future customers."

- Managing Director/EVP

Are you a credible procurement & supply chain technology or professional services provider thats serious about the Middle East market and customer experience?

Explore new possibilities with our ‘Regional Capability as a Service’ model by collaborating with our experienced TechConnect Middle East team, contact us now to arrange a no obligation chat.

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